Welcome to The wee design crew

We are two artists and are both partners in business and life. Francesco is the computer and graphic designer component and Seija is a free artist and photographer, with our combo we hope to bring balance and vibrance to our projects. Fortunately (or not) we both share the perfectionist trait and strive to do the best for all, which drives us to go to any lengths to present the most optimal result for our clients. Although we are organised and structured we work with an element of flow, trust and inspiration: no project is the same.

Web design

Working with WordPress and Shopify we develop your ideas with the intention of creating a final product that will satisfy your expectations. As there are two of us creating for you we pay special attention to the details that will set your concept apart from others.

Web development

Francesco is adept at coding for optimal website functionality, per the clients requirements. He can create plain text pages and more complex web based applications via WordPress. If he can’t figure out a request he will willingly out source in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Graphic design

Once we get an idea and a feel for what you would like to exhibit and portray we start the process. We will use our artistic skills to first draft logo, brochures, business cards etc and once we have found the ‘wow’ we wave our Graphic design magic to create a professional product.


Seija studied photography early on in her multifaceted career and has a great eye for detail. With her artistic view and Francy’s editing abilities they produce great custom images.

Customised &

high-quality service

Our attention to detail and broad knowledge produces quality websites that are designed especially for all our clients needs, reflecting their business and making it personal to them. We take great care in getting to know everyone we work with so we can best design a product that introduces them to the public and hopefully generates customers.

After we understand what the project is about we begin by creating a brief and mapping a simple flow chart. We then start draughting a concept to break down the complexity of the project into manageable steps, constantly checking in with our customers to make sure we are on the right path. Then we go about transforming our ideas into the working product.

Simple, not complex

Down to earth transparency

You will get what you see with us! Being open and clear from the beginning is one of our musts, we keep log books detailing all our work and disclose them regularly. We encourage meeting up along the way to make sure we are in line with our clients desires and happily change direction if need be. We work with honesty and down to earth simplicity you will find this both in our home life and as ‘The Wee Design Crew’.

Years of experience working on developing WordPress & Shopify websites and developing high-quality brand identities for businesses, we focus on one specific mission: to provide beautifully and strategically designed solution customised for the growth of one’s own business.

Experienced crew