About This Project

Are you looking for someone who can build your landing page for your business to raise awareness of what you offer or look for donors to your cause?

Look at this project and get an idea of what we achieved with Chandrakirti Meditation Centre.

Our client had the goal of creating a simple landing page that could make people aware of the retreat land they were building and collect donations for their cause: it really pushed us to think outside the box!

Here’s their mission statement:
“Our aim is to provide a facility for both long and short-term retreats which fulfils the preconditions for the establishment of meditative serenity as stated by Lama Tsong Khapa in the “Lam-Rim Chen Mo”.

In this case, we knew the values behind this project. We visited the land and worked on negotiating the thoughts and requirements of a board of trustees which helped us to develop our communication and interpretation skills when dealing with different parties.

One of our specialties is to understand the expressed and unexpressed needs of our clients and translate them into a visual and functional solution.

We divided our needs into different sections to respond to a few questions:
– What is the project about?
– What is the philosophy behind this retreat land?
– Where is the land?
– Who is behind the project?
– What can I do to help?

As usual, WordPress and its plugins allowed us to create a website that helped our client receive donations from different parts of New Zealand.

We ended up also creating two different calendars to support the centre.

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