About This Project

Do you need to launch a book or product?

Here’s an example of our expertise applied to Des Casey’s book “Nature’s Future Our Future”.

Our client is an author and he writes this:
“Nature was also in trouble. I had a degree in sociology and had been active in social and political movements, yes, but there was an unanswered question: What should come next?…Nature’s call had propelled me back into its orbit, answering my question and culminating in the book you see on this website.”

The above statement was our main focus.
Using WordPress we developed and designed an accessible website that could embrace our client’s personality and his active concern about nature.

We created a landing page with six different sections, each one to respond to some clear questions:
1- What are we presenting?
2- What is the book about?
3- What is the book about more in depth?
4- Who is the author?
5- Is there evidence that this is a high-quality book?
6- Where can the book purchased? How much is it?

The six sections of the landing page respond exactly to these questions, thanks to a deep understanding of what Des wanted to achieve. An honest and clear communication facilitated the achievement of a satisfying final result.

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