About This Project

Do you need a web application that allows your clients to submit and record their medical or veterinarian cases?
Are you looking for a platform that can support you with writing reports and sending them away?

Here’s what we did for Plexus Veterinary Imaging, a New Zealand company that offers vet radiology services.

Our client’s goal was to have an online presence as well as a platform where they could offer a teleradiology service to their clients (vet clinics). Veterinarians make use of Vet Radiologists’ expertise when they need professional interpretation of radiographic imaging of their patients.
With this in mind, we achieved our goals by making use of WordPress, Formidable Forms and several other plugins. Some of the goals were the following:
– Vet clinic account registration
– Case submission using a form
– Writing and imaging attaching system for the creation of a report by the vet radiologist
– Automatic delivery of PDF reports to the Vet Clinics
– Notification system in place
…and many more

Our client has seen an increased speed in his performance due to having all the different functionalities in one place.

We have maintained a constructive and communicative collaboration with our client to keep the website efficient and up to date.

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